Advantages of digital advertising over conventional advertising

Published: 09th April 2010
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Advantages of Digital Advertising Over Conventional Advertising
Signage refers to graphics that are used for displaying specific information to viewers. The signages are displayed on the streets and buildings, to inform the travelers about the various products and services available. You can display the information in different ways. However, development in science and technology has given way to digital advertising and this is most commonly used today.
Digital displays include light-emitting diode (LEDs), LCDs and projected images, which can be found in private and public environments. Delivery through the digital signage is based on hardware, like player server, display screen and content manager servers. When connected to the internet, you can update the digital signage from remote locations too. Traditional methods, on the other hand, include printed boards and newspapers and hence, the required text needs to be printed and distributed among people.
Technologically advanced processes have an advantage over conventional methods. Digital signage is preferred over traditional ones, as it aims at delivery of targeted messages to specific locations. With the use of videos, animations and text, you can deliver the message more effectively. The method of conveying the message is thus very targeted and focused. Traditional advertising, on other hand, is static and dull and not really admired by people. Also, these advertisements being displayed on a board or newspapers, the effect gets diluted, as most of the times the targeted audience does not read through those messages.
Another advantage of using the digital signage over the conventional signage is the feasibility of updating information from anywhere. While working on a digital media, all you need to do is update data in a flash card. Digital system has the ability to connect with the mobile also. Latest technology allows you to update the signage data through Bluetooth or SMS. Thus, updating information is no more a concern, even if you are at some remote location now. On the contrary, in print advertising, you have to pass through the trouble of reprinting the text for even the slightest of updates. This is, in turn, quite time consuming and definitely less effective as compared to the digital media.
With the digital signage, you can enjoy the benefits of proficiency, focused content, affordable displays to your target market and so on. Unlike conventional advertising, you can present tailor-made content to your prospects, as there are no hassles involved in updating the digital signage. The principle to successful business is "What you get is what you want". Digital signage is the best medium to achieve this. Dynamic content allows you to target particular demographics and to identify what your clients really want. You will be able to gear up the client's satisfaction level and sales by using digital advertising for your business.
The engaging appeal offered by digital promotion also lessens, leading your customers to feel more positive about their experiences in your store. Latest study also reveals that digital signs are viewed ten times more than the static ones. You can save the advertising costs with high impact with digital signage. Processing time and printing cost that goes in conventional media can also be saved while using digital signage to convey your message to the target audience. Therefore, if time is money, then digital signage is definitely the best way to save your time and hence, money.
In the midst of a busy world, people really do not have time for checking different advertisements or specific information. Therefore, they look for sources from where they can get the gist of the message at a glance. This problem is well taken care of by the digital media. You can deliver information to a larger audience while mediating maximum trafficking for consumers.
Digital signage can thus, completely transform your marketing strategy from vision to reality. Look no more, choose digital advertising and stay ahead of your competition in today's fast-paced world.

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