Maintaining and keeping your hand tools in good condition.

Published: 09th September 2011
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New inventions of hand tools is not a new concept and humans have been designing and inventing new and innovative hand tool designs for centuries and still are. There are new and different varieties of hand tools on the market all the time and although the design and function of hand tools remains more or less the same, decorative designs and colour choices change all the time. There are many hand tool sets that are designed specifically for females and males and even children in order to encourage them to get out and about in the garden.

When looking for hand tools the most important aspect is quality, this doesnít mean that you have to spend a small fortune in order to have good tools but it does mean shopping around and choosing the correct ones. If your hand tools are taken care of and stored correctly when they are not being used, there is no reason why they will not last for years to come. In fact more hand tools are spoilt and ruined these days through not storing them properly, rust and contamination which will all render your tools useless.

Hand tools made from forged metal are generally stronger and will last longer and the handle of the hand tool is also important. A handle made from reinforced resin will also prove to be stronger and hence last longer.

Another important aspect is to choose hand tools and tools in general that are the correct length for the height of the person. If you are shopping for yourself, this proves easy as you can measure the height of the tool and purchase one that is the correct length.

Purchasing hand tools that have bright colours is also another important aspect, this may seem trivial but once we have used our hand tools, we tend to leave them somewhere random in the garden and when we come to use them again, we simply canít find them. Hand tools can be damaged by mowers and can rust whilst left out in the rain.
Hand tools will last a lifetime provided they are of a good quality and they are looked after and maintained. Home owners spend a fortune replacing lost or damages hand tools over the years simply because they have left them out in the elements or have simply lost them. Cleaning you hand tools and storing them correctly will not only save you money but will keep your tools working and in good order.

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