Photo Booth Hire For Special Occasions Such As Weddings.

Published: 21st March 2012
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Just recently in the UK photo booth hire for weddings has become extremely popular, so many people planning their weddings are finding it impossible not to have a photo booth, as it brings ultimate fun and creates glorious memories for you to look back on in the future, this is why photo booth hire for weddings is so popular.

The design of the photo booth helps the photo booth system to fit in to any environment extremely well, as it photo booth hire can also be used for occasions such as; Birthdays, Weddings, Proms, Bar Mitzvahís, Re-unions, Corporate Event and various other social occasions, photo booth hire is mainly used for weddings as hiring a traditional photographer is now a thing of the past.
Photo booths for weddings are designed slightly differently than normal booths, as we use a white photo booth skin, as it is the traditional colour of a wedding, but it can be designed to however you would like it. Text on the photographs that are printed off can also be changed, to say anything you would like, it could have your wedding date on, or yours and your partners name on it, you can put whatever you would like!

The technology of the photo booth systems is very advanced, and modern, but when it appears on the interactive screen in the booth, it couldnít appear any simpler, its highly user friendly, so any age of person can use the photo booth, and have some fun!

Itís easy to use photo booth hire for weddings as all you have to do is book the date and the hire time you would like the photo booth for, and also state any specifications you would like. From then itís all down to us, on the day of your event one our photo booth attendants brings the photo booth to wherever you are in the UK, the photo booth attendant then erects the photo booth system, and stays with it for the full rental time, to be there in case of any problems, and to just help your guests to use the photo booth. At the end of the event the attendant then dismantles the photo booth system and takes it away for you again.

Photo booth hire for weddings is fun as there is so many different things you can do in there, when you take a picture, you have different options of what photo you would like to take, as you can have one large picture, or 4 small pictures on a strip, you can even have the photo in full colour or black and white, there is even now the option of having a green screen which creates some hilarious memories, you can even take a short video! We also provide a prop box with every photo booth hired; the prop box contains things such as wigs, feather boas, and other various items. When your fun picture has been takes it is instantly printed out, and given to the guest who it belongs to, as it is march, we have a special deal, where when you book a photo booth in this month, we provide you with a freebie which is worth £100, this freebie is a special guestbook, a second set of all pictures taken are printed out and put in to the guestbook, which your event guests can then sign, the guestbook is then given to the event holder, which they can then look back on in many years to come.

All pictures/videos taken are put on to a disk as well, and put on our website which is password protected, which enables you to share all photographs on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, tumblr.
Photo booth hire for weddings is simply the best piece of wedding entertainment out there!

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