Slate tiles used around fireplace areas

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Slate tiles are becoming increasingly popular in homes and they have many versatile uses around the home. They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and as features in living rooms especially around fireplaces and grates.
Slate tiles used around fireplaces in living rooms give a unique and individual style and will make a real focal point of the room. Smokey tones and colours can be used to blend in and really set the fireplace off.
Slate tiles are especially ideal for fireplaces because slate is a very durable material than can withstand heat, cracking and erosion, slate tiles also come in a wide range of earthy tones and uniformed colours can be used or you can use different colours to create an individual design.
Redecorating a living area needs to be done from time to time and you may find existing tiles around the fireplace no longer fit in with the new decor, slate tiles can be used to compliment both modern and traditional decors and the good thing about slate tiles is their earthy tones which will blend in with almost any colours and styles.
Multi sized tiles can also be used with a uniformed background colour, you may want to install the tiles yourself but there are skilled tilers that are used to these types of jobs and can advise on different styles and designs. If you are using multi sized tiles cut into different sizes it may be best to employ a fitter, this way you have peace of mind that the job will be finished beautifully.
Cleaning tiles in any room is important to keep them hygienic and looking clean but it especially important around fireplace areas. Cleaning slate tile takes lots of care and no products containing acids should ever be used as these will break down the slate tile and damage its appearance. Warm water and many soaps are normally ideal for the cleaning of slate but some prefer to just use warm water which is perfectly adequate. Cleaning the area with a cloth to free the tiles of any dust and dirt should be done first, this way you are not likely to rub any excess dirt back into the tile. Warm water can then be applied using a cloth or sponge and then the tiles can be dried using a separate dry cloth.
Slate tiles are beautiful and if cleaned regularly and taken care of, will last the test of time.

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