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Published: 14th October 2011
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There are many items of protective clothing that protects the wearer from certain hazards in different environments and when thinking about safety wear we automatically think about helmets, goggles and safety gloves but the feet are one area that needs constant protection especially in particularly hazardous environments.
A common injury to the feet is falling objects, especially heavy ones, this can really damage the feet and brake bones which is incredibly painful as well as stopping us from using our feet and being able to walk.

Safety boots are incredibly important and wearing the right ones for the environment you are in is a really important aspect. Wearing inappropriate footwear will not protect your feet and this can be very dangerous.

Many foot injuries take place every year with quite a high proportion of those serious foot injuries. Some safety boots will extend up the ankle which will give extra protection and most work environments such as the food industry will require by law, a certain standard of footwear. This may be provided by your employer but not all employers will provide safety boots and it is always a personal responsibility to ensure you are safe in the workplace.

Steel toe capped safety boots come in many different styles and there are even steel toe capped wellington boots that can be purchased which are ideal for outdoor environments when moving heavy objects. It is really important to know the difference and ensure you have selected the right steel toe capped safety boots for the environment you are in.

Steel toe capped boots will give protection from falling, heavy objects but will also supply support to the ankle and are often worn in outside environments by those wishing to have good footwear support. They are also ideal for environments such as foundries, factories and warehouses.

There are a wide range of safety boots on the market and steel toe capped safety boots are just one type. There are stylish leather boots which can be worn in interior and exterior environments but they will not give protection from falling objects and will obviously give less protection.

Rubber insulated safety boots can be worn in environments where there is electricity and rigger boots are often used by workmen in interior and exterior environments, some will have steel reinforced toes, others will not.

Always have a good look around at the different options of safety boots available and shop around for reasonable prices. The internet is a good place to start and there are some great deals on many different ranges of safety boots.

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