The effectiveness of Print Advertising.

Published: 04th May 2011
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There are now many forms of Advertising, in fact it seems we can no longer turn a corner before we are confronted with some form of advertising and many believe this is the one reason why many forms of advertising are no longer effective. We have reached advertisement overload and many of the general public not only expect to be faced with constant advertisements but are switching off from them as well.
Many may believe that the most successful advertisements are the ones that are elaborate and in some way in the media but in fact more companies are choosing to stick to the traditional forms of print advertisement because they are still incredibly popular
There are ways however and certain rules we need to adhere to in order for all of our advertisements to succeed, planning ahead is always the key and making sure the design process is consistent with both your other marketing strategies and your company’s logo’s. The size of the print is also an important aspect because print which is too small will be hard to read. The colour of your printing is also important because certain print will not show up easily in front of certain colours and you need to make your advertisements as easy on the eye as possible.
Adding illustration and artwork is always a good idea but again too much can make our leaflets or posters seem over busy and take the emphasis away from the print which is the important part.
Print design is still popular especially for small businesses and although we now see more digital advertising, print advertising is equally effective. The internet is largely responsible for its role in advertisement and influencing people’s ways of finding out information but the internet can also be problematic in locating specific information and this is where print advertisement has the edge.
Whether it be business cards, leaflets, posters or flyers, print advertisement provides people with the information they want and need all in one place. Targeting your customer base is areally another important aspect of print advertising because your advertisements will be wasted in the wrong place and this is where you come in. Making sure you do your research and target the correct audience from the beginning will determine the success of your advertisements.
The key is research good design and planning, if all of these aspects are followed, your print advertising can be as successful as you want it to be.

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