The Midnight sun in Lapland explained.

Published: 13th July 2011
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The Midnight Sun in Lapland occurs during the summer months and is a period of time where the sun does not fade, casting 24 hour light in the Northern and Southern parts of the Arctic circle. The further North you are, the longer the Midnight sun will last, sometimes for several weeks.

In very northernmost regions the sun will not set for 73 days and in these parts, the sun will be visible at the hour of Midnight and beyond. The midnight sun is described as a natural phenomenon.

In the winter months, Lapland experiences the opposite of 24 hour sunlight and the sun will not rise above the Horizon, limiting the light in some places to only 3 hours per day. This is known and called by the locals as the polar night. The darkness will begin to fall on Lapland around 2pm in the afternoon and casts a kind of half light across the Lapland countryside.

The midnight sun can be seen and experienced from around the 12th June until the 1st July and the further North of Finland you travel, the longer the midnight sun will last.

This natural phenomenon occurs because the Earth’s Axis is tilted in respect of its orbit around the sun and it will only occur in the North of the Arctic Circle and South of the Antarctic Circle.

The locals in Lapland are familiar with the seasons in Lapland and with the polar nights and midnight sun and it very rarely affects them. Many holidaymakers who experience the midnight sun for the first time often find it strange to begin with and may find it difficult to sleep until they are used to it.

Many Locals take the opportunity to spend their evenings walking and experiencing the midnight sun in the Lapland countryside. There are many activities in Lapland during the summer months and camping is a very popular one. Holidaymakers can camp out in the wilderness and spend a week in the beautiful countryside where they can enjoy the midnight sun.

Many activities take holidaymakers into the hillsides where they can get a fantastic view of the sun and it really will take your breath away.

In the winter months, the light is severely limited and this can take holidaymakers some time to get used to as well. When you awake early in the morning, the light is clearly visible as the snow gently falls but come early afternoon, the light will begin to fade again but it doesn’t stop the locals or holidaymakers enjoying the beauty of Lapland.

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