The role of the Reindeer in Lapland.

Published: 09th September 2011
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The Reindeers in Lapland are plentiful and you will see more of them in the summer months than in the winter. In the winter months all Reindeer are rounded up and placed nearer to feeding grounds in order to ensure they receive enough to eat over the long harsh winter.

In the summer months, the Reindeer will roam free and you will often see them by the roadside where they will be feeding on the lush moss and the roadside is also a reprieve from the bothersome black flies which can cause the Reindeer misery during the summer months.

All Reindeer in Lapland are owned by someone and they are still farmed although these days more sophisticated machinery is used in order to round up the Reindeer and move them from place to place. The locals in Lapland also donít receive a huge income from Reindeer farming anymore because expensive machinery is now involved and many locals will offer tourist attractions involving the Reindeer to boost their income.

The male Reindeer is known as a bull whilst the females are known as cows, the young are called calves. The female and the male Reindeer both have antlers and it can be difficult for tourists to distinguish between the sexes. The males and the females may become more aggressive once the mating season starts and the Reindeer typically split into groups. The young are born in May but unfortunately this is also a scary dangerous time for predators and mom will be close by at all times in order to protect her young.

The midnight sun in Lapland offers perfect conditions for the young Reindeer to grow and thrive high up on the hillsides of Lapland.

Reindeer is a very important part of the diet in Lapland and you will often see it on the menu in both the summer and winter months. When the Reindeer is slaughtered almost every part is used including the antlers which are carved and used as door handles. The firs are used in many of the Lapland huts around Lapland which the holidaymakers can use in the winter and summer months.

Reindeer fur is also used for shoes and boots and Reindeer blankets are for sale in Lapland and are present in many of the bars and restaurants.

The Reindeer are renowned in Lapland as being part of the Santa experience and no child can imagine Santa without the presence of the Reindeer but they also play an important role in Laplandís economy for the local people.

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