Tips on photo booth posing.

Published: 15th December 2011
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We all must be aware of the potential fun we usually have in a photo booth. Be it the conventional or the new contemporary open-air style. A group of people stand together with random props in front of a camera to take picture.

If you do a Google search on photo booth pictures, you will realize that majority of them in the picture look almost the same. It is quite understandable because of the fact when you get into such kind of booth everybody expects to make faces wearing those limited random clothing and pose

There is no doubt about the fact that people might have had great fun in doing this and the pictures are fun to look at. However, what if your experience is not that great and pictures are not of decent quality. What if the pictures are unique and creative? So much that even people who don't personally recognize you say, "Wow, what a picture!" or "wow, the timing is simply perfect!"?

Given below are lists of 5 simple tips compiled after thorough research on photo booth, aiming to come out with some mind-blowing images that are away beyond the conventional pictures and have that extra "wow" factor to it.

If you're running a DIY photo booth of your own, hopefully these tips will really help you out, as you man the booth. If you are planning to pop with a photo booth yourself, hopefully this suggestion really helps you. Here it goes:

Pay Attention to Details

When running a booth for an event, say a wedding, pat attention on people their clothing, accessories, etc and also on the venue/location like table settings, centerpieces, utensils, etc. There is every possibility that you will get your share of fun pictures and those typical poses keep your eyes peeled for minute details in your surroundings.

For example, try to find out a common factor among the group of people. Find out if the color scheme is similar or consistent. Look for any kind of similarity in clothing or fancy ladies shoes. Take advantage of it! Try to use those similarities in a non-standard ways to get some awesome pictures. Use those images to tell a story!

Run With Their Personality

When you direct any person to a booth, before that try to find out what kind of personality that person has. Is he old or young? Is he outgoing or shy?

Some people are simply bundles of innovative energy and will open up with some crazier ideas. They will constantly brainstorm with new poses, stories, and ideas. So when you come across with the right kind of group at your booth, you're ready to go!

Take Advantage Of Numbers

With the new kind of booth designs coming up these days, especially the open-air photo booths, you can squeeze in nearly 1 to 15 people in a single booth shot! The main question behind it is to effectively utilize those numbers for really great shots!

Don't Pose, Direct

Do not just pose for a photograph, but tell a story with the photos. Do some kind of random action. Sometime the best pictures are the ones where you are doing some things aimlessly.

Show Me The Action!

The pictures need not to be static! A photo looks nicer with some kind of activity. Action brings in some kind of fun apart from bringing in energy and fun, and leaves you with some really great moment to capture!

These simple tips will really help you in getting the best pose and image. The above mentioned ideas will help you set your own DIY Photo booth and get some lively images of some of the most cherished moment in life.

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