Touch screen Digital signage in the food industry.

Published: 15th March 2011
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It is almost impossible that one has not noticed the widespread use of touch screen digital signage in the recent years. The use of this screen for marketing has become very common in shopping malls and departmental stores today. It is also possible to use this screen in the high roads in the form of outdoor signage. The most important reason as to why the signage technology is used by many of the business owners is that it is a dynamic mode of advertising. One might be amazed to know that there is a large scale use of this technology in the food industry. In fact, today in many of the restaurants, fast food joints, and sandwich bars, you are certain to come across signage technology which proves beneficial for the restaurant owners as well as the guests.

In restaurants, the most common use of touch screen digital signage is in the menu boards. The menu boards are generally placed outside the premises, but there are also some fast food joints which keep these menu boards inside the set-up. There are various reasons as to why this technology is being profusely used in the food industry. The most important reason as to why touch screen signage is used is that the food items look a lot more attractive when displayed in the LCD screens. For example, when food items are displayed in these screens, you can add to the effect of steam coming out from the food item. Such a technique is absolutely lip-smacking. Moreover, it is also possible for the customers to browse through the portals and find a food of their choice.

Besides giving an appealing look to the food items with touch screen digital signage, the customers can also have an idea as to how the food item looks like. It is also possible for them to have a glance at the prices of the various food items which are available in the food joint. At this juncture, it can be said that if the touch screen signage is placed outside the eating joint, the customers have the option of checking out the prices before entering the joint and proceed further if the prices go well with their pockets.

Another benefit of using touch screen digital signage in the restaurants is that it has the ability to change the content as and when required. In other words, scheduling of the content according to the time of the day is done automatically in the signage technology. This proves to be a great boon for the food industry because the menu changes accordingly. For example, when it is lunch time, the food on offer is displayed and the customers might get attracted seeing the images. Moreover, the guests need not wait in a queue to place the order. They can do so by keeping their fingers on the touch screen device. In short, the menu cards may get replaced soon by the digital menu, which would be more convenient for the customers.

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